Tuesday, July 05, 2005

grace is harder than law

I came across a wonderful post by John O'Keefe of Ginkworld
it is harder to live in grace, than it is to live in law

it is harder to forgive, than it is to judge
it is harder to love, than it is to hate
it is harder to include, than it is to exclude
it is harder to engage, than it is to ignore
it is harder to share, than it is to hold
it is harder to accept, than it is to reject
it is harder to welcome, than it is to walk away

it is harder to live in grace, than it is to live in law.

& even sadder
this is where so many people - christians included - christians especially!? - choose to live.
We choose to judge and not forgive
We choose to hate and not love
We choose to exclude and not include
We choose to ignore rather than engage
We choose to hold on tightly rather than share
We choose to reject rather than accept
We choose to walk away rather than welcome
But of course we call it something else - of course we have our reasons - of course we are standing for truth.

And we remain living in law and not grace
And we lose out - on joy - on peace - on life!

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