Tuesday, September 20, 2005

a - z of alternative worship

sue wallace has posted a compliation of a - z of alternative worship.
Here's the start

A = ambience

Ambience is important. Making the worship space warm and welcoming.
Ambient music can be pretty helpful in that task too, as can gentle lighting,
(tealights almost ended up being the T here) and rugs. Which leads me to

B = Beanbags.

Or even sofas. People shouldn’t have to sit on uncomfortable chairs or even more uncomfortable pews.

C = community

Church isn’t about being an island. It is about community, and teamwork. Batting ideas around with other people, praying with them, and crying on each others shoulders when life gets tough.

D = dreaming

Its important to dream crazy dreams about the way things could be. And then work out how to make those dreams possible. Its how we imagine a better world. Or in Christian terms how we “seek the Kingdom”

E = experiential

Worship should be an “experience” . The most wonderful experience ever. Well at least that’s what we’re aiming for.

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