Thursday, October 27, 2005

1st nations water

CTV reports that
Indian Affairs Minister Andy Scott is saying action will be taken "today" on the contaminated water situation on the Kashechewan First Nation reserve in northern Ontario.
Scott was scheduled to meet native leaders in his office Thursday evening. According to the Canadian Press, he will propose moving the Kashechewan Cree people off their James Bay reserve.

Isn't this just great!?
There are at least 100 reserves in Canada are under boil-water advisories, some 40 of them in Ontario alone. Most often it's because of unstable chlorine levels, high uranium levels and E. coli contamination.
The Kashechwan reserve has been on under a boil-water advisory for 2 years.
& now the government wants us to congratulate them on their quick action... give me a break.

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