Wednesday, October 05, 2005

end of the line

this sort of thing happens for too often
i thought the days of the church shooting its wounded was over
i guess i'm wrong
when this happens - the church is failed to be the nurturing body of Christ that he intended us to be
we confess our failure / sin O Lord.
teach us to walk in your ways.

Unearthed From: time to walk.

bye kids. tired of church and its abuse of people's lives. tired of God and what he allows his commissioned followers to do in his beloved son's name. tired of bad dreams and newsletter scraps from churches gone by. tired of compliance-based "christians" selling real estate in heaven to which they don't have the deed. tired of finding myself fighting back tears during worship, not because of what Christ did for me, but because of whatever flashback hits me triggered by a hymn, a verse, or the way someone looks at me. tired of being a failure in the eyes of so many. tired of the quiet dark speculating time during the night when i consider whether it was a mistake to leave youth ministry. tired of preaching to the choir and stroking ego's as a means to an end that i'm not that sure of myself. tired of hailing a new class of "emerging" celebrities. tired of pretending things are ok. tired of apologizing in my sleep to hundreds of former youth across the country for being part of the machine that is truly full of shit.

and tired of the church as it stands.

-- when God wants me back he can damned well ask.
# i do believe this is my last post. bye. -- DYP

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