Thursday, October 27, 2005


Mike Todd @ waving or drowning has this post.
He begins with a quote from the October mailing from Mustard Seed Associates.
While speaking at a Christian college, Tom tried to persuade the students to not only be concerned about sharing the gospel with the poor but to also help them with their physical needs. One very earnest young woman blurted out, "If we start feeding hungry people then things won't get worse and if things don't get worse then Jesus won't come back!"
On the issue of integral mission, eschatology matters.

Todd then says & I agree with him:
That anyone at all believes this makes me crazy.

Then he makes these statements
* I believe Jesus came for a couple of reasons; to put an end to religion (defined as a system of rules, rituals or regulations we use to get right with God), and to teach us how live.
* I believe in response we've done a couple of things; we've made a religion out of him, and we have no intention of living the way he taught.
* I believe the New Testament is the agenda for the church (hat tip to N.T. Wright)
* I believe as we come into alignment with this teaching we "assist" in ushering in the Kingdom. (Tough to find the right wording here. The Kingdom is here, and now... we just need to choose to live in it.)
* I believe Christendom is a looooong way from teaching this.

Why do we make things so darn complicated.?
Why do we like religion so much, when religion is useless?
Why don't we settle for being drawn into the perichoresis of the Trinity? If you're a Regent student / grad, it is required that you work the Trinity into your posts on a regular basis.

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