Thursday, October 27, 2005

Kingdom prayer

Kingdom prayer is how we let the God who is both King and Father into every area of our lives.

That understanding starts with noticing that in The Lord’s Prayer there is a juxtaposition of two titles. In a sermon on what it means to live in the Kingdom of God, we are told to call God, "Father." In a prayer addressed to our Father the central concern is "your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

As a bot of an aside, the prayer is not just to "Father", but to "our Father". It's a prayer of Kingdom people. It's more than a private, personal, individual prayer - it's community prayer.

Kingdom praying is keeping a clear focus on the gift of knowing that the King of the whole world is our Father and that the Father has called us, his children, to be part of his work to bring the Kingdom to the whole world... beginning with this little piece of earth that is my life.

Some years ago, Dr. Robert Munger wrote a little booklet called, “My Heart Christ’s Home.It is a classic work that has been reproduced literally millions of times. When I was a young Christian it had as much impact on my life as anything I ever read.

“My Heart Christ’s Home” is a parable that compares the human life to a home. When we become a Christian we invite Jesus to enter our lives, but so many of us only invite Jesus into the entry way. We want him in our lives, but not too far in. Slowly, step by step, the booklet encourages you to invite Jesus into every part of your life like you would invite him into every room in your house.
The living room and your public relationships.
The kitchen table and your family life together.
The study and your work life, your finances, the decisions you make about your future and your security.
The recreation room, garage and worskshop and all your leisure activities.
Your bedroom and the most intimate areas of life.
The cluttered closets with all the things you are trying to hide from him.
Slowly Jesus insists that every door be opened, every room made available to him until he literally lives and reigns in every part of our lives.

The Lord’s Prayer is similar to this. Jesus begins by reminding us that our Father already knows everything we need and would ask of him, so prayer isn’t about informing God of any fact, or any need or anything he doesn’t already know. Prayer is our letting God into our lives - into every area of life.

Kingdom praying brings the God who is both the loving caring Father and the Lord and King of all of life into every area of our lives. Kingdom praying is learning to say, “your Kingdom come, your will be done” in every area of my life Lord, because I trust that you are my gracious father. Trusting in your fatherly care, I invite your reign into my life.

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