Monday, October 17, 2005

Max Depree on Elegant Leadership

Max Depree is chairman emeritus of Herman Miller, Inc, formerly the CEO. His leadership influence led to the creation of the Depree Leadership Center. Walter Wright, president of Regent College, Vancouver, when I studied there is now the Executive Director of the Center.

Here are what Max Depree calls marks of elegant leadership:

* Freeing people to do their best, giving the gift of being understood as a whole person
* Covenant relationships; not contracts, but abandoning yourself to the strengths of others
* Intelligence and wisdom
* Giving away involvement, not merely time; giving the gift of listening
* Equality and an egalitarian spirit amid minimal hierarchy
* Forgiveness and release
* Appropriately matching a person’s unique gifts to opportunity
* The joy of moral goals along with earned, joyfully given rewards
* Equity in work and in benefits; say “thank you”
* We are not victims of our corporate cultures, we are co-creators of them. Thus, grow and change as a person. Learn to embody selfless, secure love. Be a model, because leaders reproduce in kind.

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