Friday, October 21, 2005

Reuban Morgan

Reuban Morgan was in Waterloo last Thursday. While i didn't hear him, from what I've heard, it was a great worship concert, with the emphasis on worship. has an interview with Reuban. Here are a couple of excerpts:
The Aussie troubadour believes that more than any other time in our history a greater acceptance for diversity in worship styles exists.
I think what everybody needs to keep at the core is [the fact that] worship can't be exclusive. It can't shut people out … . I think that's a challenge. It can't be elitist.

Morgan notes,
People are really hungry and inspired for worship. As far as where it is going, God is doing what He has always been doing, and that is building the Church. I think that worship will spring forth from that (as well as) teaching, healing and salvation. People have been reminded to get [their] eyes on God. I think at the core God is passionate about His Church.

Then he makes this powerful statement:
True worship comes out of revelation of God. I need God to break through to my world before I can respond back to Him.

He has hit the nail on the head. So often, we don't worship, or we get into worship wars over style, because we have not allowed God to break in - into the deep places in our lives, into the hurting places, into the lonely places. We are so concerned with protecting our turf (style) that we don't really see or hear from God.
We need to keep hearing from people like Reuban Morgan, who keep helping us hear from God.

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