Tuesday, November 01, 2005

busy - i don't like it

I hate the word. I hate the concept. I hate the cultural admiration and expectation of the way life is supposed to be that it represents. I hate 'busy'!

I want slow.
I want availability.
I want time.
I want to see you on my deck [well I did - it's getting cool for that now] - how about my kitchen table or living room, with nothing to do, candle light surrounding us, conversation flowing till God knows when and where, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, some nice jazz [Coltrane, Davis, Peterson or maybe Ruth Fazal] just enjoying the presence of God

Is that too much to ask?

Why are too busy doing church to enjoy God and each other.

Well, that's probably enough rambling for one morning. Though, it feels good to ramble. It feels good to not be thinking of the "to do" lists (the real one & the invisible slave-driving one in my head) or... you know what I mean.

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