Friday, November 04, 2005

emerging church

There has been a lot written and spoken about the emerging church.
James MacDonald waded in with a 2 part article on why he is not emergent
Brother Maynard wades in with his response subvervise influence
Scott McKnight has a whole series of articles on the emerging church/movement including a response to MacDonald
John O'Keefe at Ginkworld also has a response.
John Frye has a post on why the "emergent conservation" is good for all all of us. He quotes Howard Hendricks of Dallas Theologicial Seminary...
All true learning takes place only after you're thoroughly confused.

Of course there are many other sites
a new kind of conservation
reckless honesty
the ooze
Here's a great tongue in cheek article by Michael Lee on why not be emergent.

The conversation - to use Brian McLaren's word is one that needs to continue. As with a lot of issues / debates, I see a lot of knee jerk reactions to the emerging church conversation.
There are some who jump on the band wagon unquestioningly because they are disgruntled with church as it is [does that mean that those who are not disgruntled are gruntled!? :-)].

Others see the emerging church as a opportunity to do their own thing with no accountability, sometimes with little or no rootedness to the word of God.

Others genuinely want to reach into this world with all of it's changing dynamics, and recognize that, in many places, the existing church is simply not willing or able to stretch that far.

Others have been gifted by God with creativity, which large segments of the church won't use, and so are looking for an avenue to express those gifts.

The list can go on and on...

The church, should always be emerging, there should always be fresh forms of expression of worship and ministry... because God's Spirit is always fresh and expressive and desiring to release his gifts to his people so that God's kingdom will be lived out in this generation... and the next generation... and the generation after that... until Jesus returns.

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