Tuesday, November 01, 2005

IDOP - Canada

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
Pray For Us...
This is the plea of persecuted Christians around the world. Right now around the world over 200 million are suffering for their faith in Jesus Christ. Each year, Christians all over Canada and in over 130 countries join together to stand with our suffering sisters and brothers and pray for God’s peace and grace in the midst of suffering and hostility; pray for the physical needs and safety of suffering Christians and their families; pray for the persecutors; and thank God for His faithfulness in the midst of tribulation.

Here are some links to resources
IDOP - Canada


FORUM 18 A highly re.ected group reporting on religious freedom violations. Particular expertise in Communist and post-Communist countries. Extensive, up-to-date news articles and archives.

OPEN DOORS INTERNATIONAL Open Doors Canada is an IDOP partner. Their international website features country profiles and more.

INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN CONCERN A good source for stories about persecuted Christians. Extensive archive with country profiles and articles.

WORLD EVANGELICAL ALLIANCE RELIGIOUS LIBERTY COMMISSION News updates and reports on the persecuted church, including an annual report on religious persecution presented at the UN. The WEA is the global sponsor of IDOP.



THE RELIGIOUS FREEDOM PAGE An excellent all-in-one resource. Includes the documents that have esta.lished religious freedom in international law and an accessi.le database of Nation Profiles.

U.S. COMMISSION ON INTERNATIONAL RELIGIOUS FREEDOM A U.S. government body responsi.le for monitoring religious freedom. Annual reports and updates are available online.

THE CIA WORLD FACTBOOK Contains demographic summaries for each nation, as well as downloada.le maps.

UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA HUMAN RIGHTS LIBRARY - RELIGIOUS FREEDOM PAGE A diverse collection of links to religious freedom resources available on the web.

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