Sunday, December 11, 2005

advent cartoon

Another cartoon from cartoon church

We went out to get our Christmas Tree yesterday.
Some places are asking $100 (actually $99.99) for a 6' douglas fir tree.
For that price I want douglas to come out and put the tree in place
and decorate it for me
& then come back the first week of 2006 and dedecorate | undecorate? the tree,
take it out and clean up the fallen needles.

If you haven't got your tree yet, this guide will help you.


The Righteousness of God said...

Bought my Balsalm for less than 20 bucks cannuck at Home DEZPOT! Nicely shaped but a tad pune-y. Looks more like a branch than a tree...based on many years of previous simu-purchases. Had the wonderful experience of bringing it home 'hoping' for the family's approval...yet another joyous burden of Christmas. 'Peace on earth good will to men' make that a triple me there is no peace and not a lot of good will if you don't play the Christmas game right....Personally, I would be happy with a potted Norfolk pine that would last for many Christmas'es. Fortunately or unfortunately...I live in a tribe that celebrates the pagan ritual of Christmas. Bah-humbuckers! (guitar nut terminology). My favorite day (Jan 1st) is when I proudly chain my old tree to the back of the Tauras and drag it several blocks to the arena for disposal. Ah...only 354 days till this wonderful day again!

I think we should explore trees in a new light. Traditionally, most exchange gifts at Christmas. The common pulseless activity is to exchange gift certificates. How creative and heartfelt this excercise is. If gift certificates are really the true currency of Christmas ... Do we really need a tree over which to place these plastic trinkets? Plastic gifts warrant a plastic tree...oh say...a foot in height. Perhaps some clever hillbilly could make desk tree with all the bells (small 'B') and whistles! Whip the plastic tree out and Merry functional Christmas to all! I am indeed feeling some good will towards I write this absurdity.

A question comes to mine as a post this response: If in Christendom, Christmas is a very Holy holiday, with family gatherings...why are there no baptism done on this day? Would that be too logical. Is Jesus really the reason for the season? How much of a gift certificate would you give Jesus..20 bucks...50 bucks...100? MMM...for where....mmmm...I think he is Canadian Tire type guy who likes those coupons! I wonder what He thinks about Christmas?

michael lewis said...

I boycott the whole thing in an act of civil disobedience. I spend no money, other than what I would spend normally. I buy no gifts for people (unless I hear that a person has bought me something).

Forget the tree! It was actually pagans who started decorating trees, with corpses!

The only decoration I have is a pipe cleaner nativity scene, hand made by a friend, with a pig in the barn.