Thursday, December 15, 2005

christmas trees

Christmas cheer, geek style

Celebrate the holiday season in top geek style with a USB powered Xmas tree. Put one on your desk and another on your monitor and let the glowing LEDs shine bright. Simply plug into any USB port and the LEDs will cycle through 6 colors, stopping on each color for about 5 seconds. Transitions through Red, Blue, Green, Purple, White and light Blue.

Upside Down Trees

The centerpiece of holiday decorating is more often being inverted — hung from the ceiling or mounted bottom-up on the wall — by those looking to save space, more prominently display pricey ornaments or simply distinguish their Christmas tree from so many millions of others.

Upscale retailer Hammacher Schlemmer sold out of its $599.95 pre-lit inverted tree, a 7-foot evergreen that rises from a weighted base, before the end of October.

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