Saturday, December 10, 2005

Heavy Metal Lego

Remember back when everybody thought that AC/DC stood for “Anti-Christ / Devil’s Children”?

This video will do nothing to dispel that myth.

Heavy Metal. Explosions. Lego. Awesome!


The Righteousness of God said...

Here is something that is really funny. Well maybe not. About eight years ago Mike preached a was on ridding ourselves of things (idols) that were in our homes. The Holy Spirit convicted me so badly of this band that I sent 5 CD's to the roadside. None of my other rock'nroll Cds were convicted that day. It was only AC/DC. Are they any worst than others...i doubt it. This was the offering God wanted that day. I miss the music...not necessarily the words..but I was obedient. Oh well such is the walk in the kingdom. Sin is sin...who knows..maybe there is some bad southern gospel Cd's that should be put curbside as well. Thought I would be transparent...still love the Gibson riffs...but Jesus more!

Mark said...

I remember when, as a kid, my father influenced my older brother to go out to the firepit in our backyard and burn a cassette. Was it Highway to Hell? Perhaps Back in Black? Nope.

The victim wasMichael W. Smith's "Project" album. Maybe it was because of a rocky beat, maybe it was pognophilia (Michael sported a beard on the original album cover).

If you ask me, the one album that deserves to be burned before all others is Graham Kendrick's "No More Walls" from 1997. Back at AEMC we used this as the music for March for Jesus, and wow, was it TERRIBLE! Remember "Jesus' love has got under our skin" or the zombie-sounding "Peace Be To These Streets". Wow. Just the memory makes me shudder!