Thursday, December 22, 2005

King Kong Merrily on high!

From 'tis the season: a humourous review of movies that get shown on TV this time of the year.
I'm encouraged to see that King Kong seems to have taken the box offices in various countries by storm, because it reaffirms the true meaning of Christmas - big monkeys.

Oh alright, not big monkeys. But there's a certain synergy to be seen between the festive season and larger-than-life (if less-than-believable) cinematic romps.

We've come to expect that the TV schedule over these dark winter weeks will be peppered with feature-length offerings aimed squarely at that family-having-overeaten-and-being-slightly-irritable-but-nevertheless-thinking-they-ought-to-spend-some-time-together audience. Old, new, half-cocked and badly-animated: with the plethora of channels now available to the modern viewer, there's room for all those classics to make their annual reappearance in the schedules, however lame and/or bad.

To keep you right on the button over the next couple of weeks, here's your handy cut-out-and-keep rundown to what you can expect from the various festive favourites, which has in no way whatsoever been rapidly dredged out without reference to accuracy or detail from my increasingly hazy memory. At all.


The Righteousness of God said...

It is a sign of middle age for the 'rightch'...I happen to like good piece of mince pie and been known to love the humble, yet humour trashed and over 'dis-ed', (lowly) Christmas fruit cake (the true Charlie Brown of foods)!

Any Subject Matter Experts (SME's) out there...If you are re-gifting last year's fruit do you know when the thing has gone bad? All those green fruit bits confuses my taste buds. Gets a tad nasty.

How can the guy not like Bond movies - then again the 'rightch' has hit midlife and midwaist crisis. It could be worst - we could be gathered around watching Gaither home coming with Pastor Mike ... any 'buddy' up for some Russsian roulette? I settle for some CD skeet shooting..anybody got a good arm?

I have discovered the secret formulation of southern gospel music - it is a simple format, rocket scientists or theologians need not apply...if it sounds like a chicken clucking or a train choo-chooing - it is southern gospel at it's best (hard to believe there is such a thing...they do give out awards for this form of ear torture). You will also note the sane people running out of the room screaming - not in delight I may add.

Off to listen to some Bobnoxious.

I calls em like I seez em.

Mark said...

All I want for Christmas is a decoder ring to use to decipher the righteous writings.

pastor mike said...

southern gospel at it's best - is that an oxymoron?