Saturday, December 17, 2005

Paradigm Shifts

The Leadership Network has a 28-page report which sets forth ten paradigm shifts for a church intending to have maximum impact on its community. The link points to the PDF report.

The ten paradigm shifts include a shift:
1) From building walls to building bridges.
2) From measuring attendance to measuring impact.
3) From encouraging the saints to attend the service to equipping saints for works of service.
4) From “serve us” to service—from inward focus to outward focus.
5) From duplication of human services and ministries to partnering with existing services and ministries.
6) From fellowship to functional unity.
7) From condemning the city to blessing the city and praying for it.
8) From being a minister in a congregation to being a minister in a parish.
9) From anecdote and speculation to valid information.
10) From teacher to learner.

The report expands on these statements and has some case studies of churches actually making the shift.

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