Thursday, December 01, 2005

peanut alergies

Teen With Peanut Allergy Dies After Kiss
SAGUENAY, Quebec - A 15-year-old girl with a peanut allergy died after kissing her boyfriend, who had just eaten a peanut butter snack, hospital officials said Monday.

Christina Desforges died in a Quebec hospital Wednesday after doctors were unable to treat her allergic reaction to the kiss the previous weekend.

Desforges, who lived in Saguenay, about 155 miles north of Quebec City, was almost immediately given a shot of adrenaline, a standard tool for treating the anaphylactic shock brought on by a peanut allergy, officials said.

Those of us who don't have children with peanut (or other serious allergies) forgot how stressful it is for parents who have children with these types of allergies. At Trinity EMC we have declared ourselves and try to be a nut product free zone. It takes vigilence and constant reminders - and even then we slip up. We have at least 7 children with peanut allergies who are part of our church family. We have a responsibility to keep these children safe and alive.

Here's a CBC feature with sabrina talking about her allergies.


The Righteousness of God said...

Got to be hard when you are a 'Peanuts' fan there Snoopy!

Seriously it is a very serious problem. I had insight on this when we attended a Baptist Church in London...prior to our Aylmer EMC days. Pastor took very positive approach...explaining the real needs and why...and how we as a body could help. After all we are a body that includes people within the flock and not drive them away so...the good shepherd has to go looking for the one while leaving the ninety-nine.

I like Trinity's approach about it being a zone. If you don't have it already expand the restrictions of forbidden behavior to also make it a 'love-zone' void of gossip...slander...ill will..blah..blah...blah.
Sometimes it is good to set the bar..tell the body what the standard of acceptable behaviour is....not from a rules or preachy perspective...but from a loving one. It is kind of like the workplace...people seem to take the lowest denominator as the bar of excellence.

Actually, Mike you remain as one of my favorite 'nut-bars' - love in Him - The 'Rightch'

The Righteousness of God said...
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michael lewis said...

The girl was damned by God for being a harlot.

It had nothing to do with peanuts.

The Righteousness of God said...

There is much mystery surrounding God. What I know of Him. . .He is the very definition of 'Love'. I have tasted His gracious unconditional love. I was born damned but discovered His Grace lavished upon me - only because He revealled it to me. I wonder since we were all born 'damned' if we all should not have died young? It would seem just!
Sin is sin..gossip is as bad a Harlotry in God's eyes. Humans have an amazing capability to sort out degrees of sin...stuff they can personally keep or can't. If I can manage or justify my sinful behaviour it is really isn't it? Personally, if I fail one I have failed them all. There are no better or worst sins. Grace..sweet Grace....ah....

The article failed to indicate if she was a who appropriated Him as her life. Perhaps...just perhaps...she had fulfilled her life's purpose drafted out by God. Perhaps... even more outrageous... she was a 'redeemed' harlot. Jesus wouldn't die for her...or would he? God as creator...reserves the sole right to be judge and jury...stay tuned...we will find out...I invite all to my day of attorney is well known and hasn't lost a case...yet!!!! 'The Rightch'