Monday, January 16, 2006

Inspirational Scripture Shoe Inserts

Radical Congruency the weblog of Justin Baeder and Aaron Ogle contains this gem from the amazing Jesus junk files...
It's stuff like this that makes you wonder...

From the In-Souls product website:
Designed to aid in the daily prayer, meditation and growth of a strong spiritual relationship with Christ.

In-Souls™ inserts are designed to provide a tangible support to assist Christians to literally “walk in the word of the Lord.” Worn in the right shoe, each one provides a related scripture and affirmation. To enhance the spiritual walk with God, the inserts help one to “stand” on His Word, meditating on it day and night. Inserts may be alternated daily to help cultivate the word of God in your life.
This is the kind of product that makes parody sites like Landover Baptist or the Wittenburg Door unnecessary. Do they still give out the coveted Green Weenie aware? I mean, when reality is weirder than anything we can dream up, there’s just no point in making up funny stuff any more. The one saving grace is... they are not availble in Canada.


pastor mike said...

Alvin: I am not referring to the Green Weenie fly:

The Righteousness of God said...

I wonder what this clientel will do . . . now that they no longer have 'right' and 'left' written in the bottom of their shoes. This truly confirms that there is indeed room for all at the cross!

P* for your Christmas gift...I will now have to do a 're-think'. Perhaps some Doc Scholl's with 'Buds' on the right sole insert and the 'Habs' on the other...either way they will look great in your golfing shoes...(come March which is about the time the Habs melt with the snow). RoG ;)

pastor mike said...

Officially i have been identified as having a "Great (and warped) mind"
Here's the link to the wittenburg door's current newsletter issue’s weenie nominees

Anonymous said...

heh heh... the company should have called itself "Sola Scriptura..." you know, sola sounds like sole, Scripture, whatever.