Friday, January 06, 2006


Jesus did not die on the cross to fill church auditoriums,
to enable magnificent church campuses to be funded,
or to motivate people to implement innovative programs.
He died because He loves you and me,
He wants an everlasting relationship with us,
and he expects that connection to be so all-consuming
that we become wholly transformed.

George Barna - Revolution p. 26


The Righteousness of God said...

I would agree the Great Commission was not to fill seminaries, build money sucking pits a.k.a. 'buildings' called 'churches'. If He wanted that - He would has specifically stated that: Go build me a nice church (temple)...make it big and extravagantly beautiful to hold thousands of people. Go build me a seminary where you can 'about' God...without necessarily knowing ME.

He is right - God is highly relational. He wants a relationship with His Church (the people). Albeit....He may ask individuals to do...go build...

There is a huge difference in 'doing something FOR God' (in one's own abilities) versus 'living FROM God' and letting Him do the work in and through you.

The first is impossible and will tire you out! The second is the only sane which HE is faithful.

michael lewis said...

If the Liberals make another (corrupt) government, then God does not exist.

michael lewis said...

Truth about Martin and the Liberals (aka: Hitler and the Nazis).

The Righteousness of God said...

To my brother blogger Michael Lewis....cherish...what...Christ said (essentally he said it all when he stated). . . "in this Life you will have troubles". God exists despite the non-sense of this twisted noise we endure. This garbage is but for a season. We will get through the bane of this non-reality. Keep on truck'in.