Saturday, January 14, 2006

Save The Wheel

In 1851, Herman Melville penned his landmark novel Moby Dick.

In 2003, Tom Sanders and Rudy McWilliams, two college dropouts from Florence Pennsylvania, set about to reinvent Melville's classic for the big screen.

This is their story...

This is for all you with a slightly wacked sense of humour... a series of videos on the reinvention of Moby Dick.

It's part of a larger site called SaveTheWheel was our tongue-in-cheek attempt at stating the obvious: certain things shouldn’t be reinvented. The wheel is a perfect invention; its tried and true design has held up for thousands of years. The packaging may have changed (we don’t use wheels carved out of stone anymore) but the concept has stayed the same.

Like the wheel, Truth never changes. You can’t reinvent or improve on Truth. This is the Wheel: unchanging Truth established by God.

It’s truth that He has established about Himself, His Word, His church, and His plan for our redemption for His glory. Our role shouldn’t be to remake these truths in our own image, but to rediscover and recommit to them. We don’t show up and change Truth. We let Truth change us.

Check it out... it's worth it.

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