Saturday, January 14, 2006


A panel of linguists has decided the word that best reflects 2005 is "truthiness," defined as the quality of stating concepts one wishes or believes to be true, rather than the facts.

CNN has an article on this. Other recognized new words are:
most useful: "podcast" - a digital feed containing audio or video files for downloading to an MP3 player.

most creative: "whale tail" - the appearance of a thong above the waistband, which beat out "muffin top" - the bulge of flesh hanging over the top of low-riding jeans.

public figure to be noted for his influence on public discourse - Tom Cruise for "Cruiselex" to describe such terms as "jump the couch" and "Cruisazy."


michael lewis said...

When did being fat, wearing your underwear in plain view, or wearing clothing that is too small, especially on fat people, become something to be praised?

It's disgusting.

Obesity is a sin, and it's a choice. A choice which destroys your body and health and spits at God. (Hint: it's not glandular or genetic, it's food; stop eating and you'll lose weight. Perhaps even get some exercise!)

Yet, oddly enough, I continue to see many fat, overweight, and obese people in churches. And what does the church provide to these hurting, sinning, whales? Pot luck buffets.


I would tolerate the pot luck buffet in a church that also has a bible study/single's night for homosexuals.

(OmG/A/B/O = Oh my God/Allah/Bhudda/Oprah, whichever you prefer.)

pastor mike said...

Who said this was something to be praised?... It was simply a listing of new words.
But since you raised the issue - yes obesity is a sin. it's not glandular or genetic In some cases it is, fewer, however, than are claimed.
It's interesting how many issues are redefined as being genetic, as a way of releasing us from responsibility for our choices, in a whole range of activites: drinking, eating, smoking, using drugs, sexual activity... and the list goes on.
Let's blame my activities, let's blame all my sin on my genetics not on choices I make.

michael lewis said...

Well, the whale tails and muffin tops, I admit, are not typically seen in church, but rather at the hoochie bars and malls. Where in that social setting it is something that is praised (no one is saying anything against it, so people keep doing it).

And I am not negating actual and true health circumstances which bloat a person out to balloon sized proportions. However, the fact remains that anyone who fasts long enough will lose weight.

Most (if not all) people who eat balanced healthy diets combined with regular exercise are rarely overweight.

It is sad to observe that this phenomenon is predominant in low income sectors of the public, merely because poor people are: - too poor to buy nutritious food (cheap food is also crap); or - not properly educated about the needs of a healthy diet.

But then, there are whole groups of people who just don't care.

I have witnessed some (fat) individuals publicly slamming smokers while inhaling a third oversized helping of food.

My comment was stemmed from and driven by the attitude of the average (graceless) church. Ready to pounce on someone for being gay, divorced, adulterous, smoker, drinker, whatever, while completely overlooking their own shortcomings.

I kid you not, I was recently at a church service where the pastor denounced western affluence, specifically pointing out our country and province and city, describing how unjust this is in comparison with African nations where people die from hunger. Furthermore he went on to attempt to make the congregation feel guilty for leaving the service to go home and eat a roast. I found it highly ironic that this pastor was pointing his chubby finger at everyone else!! He's about 100 pounds too heavy.

Perhaps I'm a bit harsh in my opinion and judgment, but it is only in my frustration of the lack of grace applied to certain persons, rejecting them for their sin, while others are equally accepted and forgiven for their sin.