Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Canada is taking over

Here are some wonderful photoshopped photos of Canada taking over.

Canada taking over North America

Canada taking over at the United Nations

Go Tim's!!

A Canadian correct keyboard


The Righteousness of God said...


Picture of you as the hab is funny!

pastor mike said...

i'm not quite that old

The Righteousness of God said...

care for a second opinion? (LoL) RoG

pastor mike said...

my bible says "encourage one another" not "make fun of..."
repeat 50x "pastor mike is not that old"!!!

The Righteousness of God said...

Sounds like a throw back to 'Penance'?!? Very sound 'Trad' theology'

Interesting number of times to boot...one per year?

Actually, the 'Message' translation reads: "don't exasperate your offspring but have a hoot with the elders within the body of Christ...for they know what it is like to consider it all joy whether they endure a little abuse or a great amount!"

pastor mike said...

some of us endure a lot of abuse!!