Friday, February 03, 2006

Kitchen for pick-up truck tailgate parties

Now this is what I call a tailgate party kitchen.
Cook Industries sells this BBQ Kitchen rig for trucks. It's priced at $3395US. From the product description:
Images Products 50Big-1No doubt about it. Cooking in the back yard would be more fun if you could have your whole kitchen out there with you. As a matter of fact, so would camping adventures. That's why many homeowners and campers are choosing the Ultimate BBQ Kitchen from Cook Industries.

Beginners may take up to two minutes to unfold the kitchen, while the more experienced will set it up in under a minute. It's just that easy to have your 90,000 BTU propane stove, grill and griddle, microwave oven, mini-fridge and yes, even the kitchen sink.

How about for Pitch & Praise in May, or Mishewah this summer, or PK in the fall?


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