Thursday, February 16, 2006


Tivo Tyranny, Blog Bloat and Preaching to Consumers

Here are the latest forms of oppression:
Tivo Tyranny: It’s the burden of having recorded too many TV shows, and now finding there’s no way you’re going to able to watch them all.

Blog Bloat:
With sites like bloglines, you can spend all day tracking updates to blogs... you end reading more about life than living life.

These are just a couple of the latest examples that we are living in a “consumer culture.” And whenever we consume, whether goods, products, or services, we’re inclined to overindulge. And each new convenience, promising new kinds of freedom, can lead to its own form of bondage.

A couple of questions:
So how do we effectively address people who are surrounded and saturated by their consumer culture?
How do we speak hope and meaning when people are overwhelmed by their own trappings?
How do we move people into relationship, into community?


The Righteousness of God said...

Very simple, or based on my experience: God brings them to you. Quit hideing in Christian Villa's/resorts of comfort (fortresses). We ARE missional people where ever we draw breath.

Jesus also told us there are times when we sake the dust off our sandals and not bother with a city. I am not personally responsible for everyone in the universe.

God does the work - not me.

pastor mike said...

I think ROG is right, but what do we, what does the church do, with people who are "supposedly" part of the kingdom but are caught by these traps>

The Righteousness of God said...

Solution: Wait for God's prompt using His Life as your discernment.

God is in the business of revealing himself and the 'church' is His to lead - if we let Him ;)