Sunday, February 05, 2006

SuperBowl Game

We had a superbowl party at church tonight. Lots of excellent chilli and snacks. Good food and fun. Madden 2006 was also running on the large screen and a couple of tv's. Good bad the referring wasn't as good. I'd say they won.


michael lewis said...

Do you celebrate the Grey Cup at your church?

I dare say that you'd be blaspheming if you upheld and promoted one and not the other.

pastor mike said...

of course we do, especially when Montreal is playing!!

The Righteousness of God said...

Will you be hosting the Stanley knowing that Montreal never is going to be playing!!! Perhaps time to get more Blue in jersey. ;)

pastor mike said...

have you counted the number of toronto stanley cup wins versus Montreal's?
have you checked when the last time Toronto won - where you even living then!!! :-)

one thing you do have to admire about Toronto fans - they are eternally hopeful
but maybe it's a bit like narnia - always winter but never the stanley cup!

The Righteousness of God said...

Dearest Lucy:

Granted...but the statistical advantage would be in our favour. We cannot always be the 'Charlie Brown' of the NHL forever.