Tuesday, February 28, 2006

they don't get it

What do you do when you run into christians who just don’t get it?
Christians who just want to get together and be “ministered to”?
Christians who have very little, if any contact with the real world.

Jesus told us to go into the world and make disciples. The only real way to do this is to go into the world and BE a disciple... to enter into the community /culture /society around us with the same grace, compassion and mercy that Jesus did. I find it disheartening that so many christians think the only contact they should have with “the world” is to preach at them. An interesting idea since Jesus didn’t make it a rule to do that.

When Jesus talked with Zaccheus, there is nothing recorded that we coule even remotely consider “preaching”. Jesus ate with him and loved him. Interesting that we feel the need to add to Jesus example. And, at the same subtract from it: When was the last time we went to someone else's house for a meal?

God has asked us to feed the poor far more than he has asked us to preach, and yet we prefer to preach, and even use this as a reason not to feed the poor... unless, of course, we can preach at them.

I met with a group of pastors recently. One asked, “Is it our job to tell church people they don’t get Jesus’ message?

Someone answered, “if christians are not doing the things that Jesus told us to, regarding the people he died for (that is everyone), i.e. feeding the poor and taking care of those less fortunate, then they are “other than” christian. It is time they knew it.

Christians who sit back, demand to be fed, proclaim their opinions, refuse to be "connected" to the body, and don’t do anything to love the world need to consider their “christian-ness”. Who does God say “I never knew you” to? They are people who thought their actions spoke loudly of God... but in the end, only spoke of religiosity.

Hard words... Yes.
Need to be spoken into our Christian communities... I believe so.
Why... so there can be repentance... and healing... and restoration... and God's power demonstarted.

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