Thursday, March 09, 2006

Canadian Icons Gone

Canadian Tire couple gets the hook

By KEITH McARTHUR, Globe and Mail Update

The Canadian Tire couple is no more. When Canadian Tire unveiled its new spring ad campaign Thursday, the bearded handyman Ted and his wife Gloria were nowhere to be seen.

“We've injected a little more wit, a little personality, a little charm — something that we felt was missing,"
said Lance Martin, associate creative director at Taxi Advertising and Design.

Here's the CTV article.

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The Righteousness of God said...

Thank God! The guy was driving me nuts. He came across as a smug gloating predator to his neighbours.

I suspect it was a double homicide by this 'p-o'neigbour to gain Canadian Tire man's earthly toys!!!

By the way you can send your Canadian Tire money to Walking Church's building program!!!