Friday, March 31, 2006

city scapes

I love the view of the mountains & of the coast, but there is also something strikingly beautiful about city scapes. Granted some cities don't offer much as far as a city scape goes. But the link above will take you to 15 of the best. Toronto (above) ranked #7.

You can also check out world's best skylines which uses an algorithm that measures a mix of height and breath of a skyline. There # 1 is Hong Kong, which doesn't make the top on the other list.

Cities are increasingly important in our world - they have been for about 200 years. The church is just starting to figure that out. Some tribes have been aware and been involved in the city for many years. My tribe - the emcc - started out as rural group. It did plant some churches in smaller cities, but always retained a rural flavour to them. But as we become increasingly missional-focused, the city needs to become a focus of ministry - a place where we speak into and minister to.


michael lewis said...

Your list is flawed!

Calgary and Vancouver make Toronto look like a dump, which it is.

pastor mike said...

it's not my list - besides, given enough distance any city can look wonderful. I think the lists were based largely on the height & number of building