Thursday, March 02, 2006

Experience Church, Stripped Down

From Church Marketing Sucks:
If the electricity went out, and your walls fell down, and your biggest givers died, what would you have left? Would you have a community of people still seeking after the heart of God? Would you still worship even without a band? Would you still be able to learn about God even though you can't show a video or a PowerPoint slide? In other words, what you have when everything else goes away is what your church is really all about.


Walking Church said... is an example of Christian Community without the trappings.

Christ's church is designed to survive...not decline or emmerge. As God states: 'I am'. So too, the church states: 'I am who I am in Him' (found to be complete in Him).

Do we really exist to 'do' or just 'be'? I believe the latter. I am simply happy to state: 'I am who I am in Him' the RoG

pastor mike said...

most churches & christians, sadly, are better at "doing" than "being"