Thursday, March 23, 2006

Jesus Films

On Maundy Thursday, we are going to have dinner at Trinity, with a focus on the Table of the Lord, and then show a film (or portion of a film) depicting the life of Christ (with a focus on the week leading to the Cross.
Last year we showed
• The Passion of the Christ. 2004.

We will probably show part of one of these films to tell the story:
• La vie et la passion de Jesus Christ. 1905.
[The life and passion of Jesus Christ]. French. Silent.
• From Manger to Cross. 1912. American. Silent.
• Jesus of Nazareth. 1977. Franco Zeffirelli.

Here's a list of some other films that tell the story. I have not seen all of these. This is simply a list without recommendation:
• The King of Kings. 1927. Cecille de Mille.
• King of Kings. 1961. Nicolas Ray's remake of it.
• Il Vangelo secondo Matteo. 1964. [The Gospel of St. Matthew]. Italian.
• Jesus of Montreal. 1989. Quebec
• The Miracle Maker. 2000. [animated] UK & Russia.
• Jesus: The Epic Mini-series. 1999. Roger Young. British.
• The Gospel Road. 1973. Johnny Cash.
• The Last Temptation of Christ. Scorcese. based on Nikos Kazanzakis novel.
• Seduto alla sua destra. Black Jesus. 1968. Valerio Zurlini. Italy/France/Congo
• Parable. 1964. Mime.
• The Newfoundland Passion.
• Life of Brian. 1979. Terry Jones.
• Godspell. 1973. David Greene.
• Jesus Christ Superstar. 1973. Norman Jewison.
• Cotton Patch Gospel. 1988. Michael Meece, Russell Treyz.
• The Greatest Story Ever Told.
• The Robe.
• The Gospel According to St. Matthew.
• The Jesus Film
• La Vie de Jesús. 1997. Bruno Dumont
• The Gospel of John. 2003. Philip Saville.

Do you know of any other films? Any comments, recommendations on the above films.


Scott said...

My kids just finished watching "the greatest story ever told" tonight. I've also got the "Miracle Maker" on DVD. It's all recorded with claymation and it's really well done. Covers a larger period of Jesus' life and of course is much less graphic than the Passion.

pastor mike said...

I remember the "Miracle Maker" - it is really well done - it must have taken ages to do it claymation style