Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The search is over

Jake posts this picture with no details at all.


michael lewis said...

I love it!

Where is it? I want to know so I can join it.

The Righteousness of God said...

Funny - it is posted on a BUILDING...It would have greater meaning if the believers had it printed on their Tee Shirts!

pastor mike said...

Buildings are not, have never been, will never be "the church"... they are simply a "meeting place", a "gathering place", a "connecting place"

now rog's ideas of t-shirts... interesting... very interesting... i guess they would have to be big t-shirts, because 1 person does not constitute a church

Walking Church said...

Warning: Major Rant - not for the timid

A good measure of a person's belief is what they do with their time and money. Check a person's daytimer/palmpilot and their chequebook/visa billing. It will tell you what is truly important to that person.

Personally, I don't feel compelled (or even Spirit Led) to give any amount of money to a 'church' (via mandatory Old Testament Tithing covenant). It is passe - we are under a new covenant. . . or did anybody not catch what Jesus said?

Why would I financially support these buildings, that house people, who inflict hurting upon one another and others - especially the very weak?

If church communities were effective the secular world would see them as (God's) spiritual spa's that work. Be honest -do the hurting really seek out these people in these 'church' buildings as they would hospitals? In my humble opinion most churches are hostile hell holes of internal control and vents of very dysfunctional behaviour.

I would challenge the 'Trads' (traditional churches) to pull apart their budgets and really see where the money is going. I suspect most would have half of the budget going to salaries. The rest consummed by so called 'missionaries'(that need to be elsewhere other than the homefront where they are really needed) and ever popular building fund.

What is really left for building kingdom in your body and local community? Crumbs.

So - the answer might be: we say we care but show me the money!

Best acid test: Acts 5.38-39 "So my advice is, leave these men alone. If they are teaching and doing these things merely on their own, it will soon be overthrown. But if it is of God, you will not be able to stop them. You will find yourselves fighting against God."

So why are churches, the buildings and the people in 'decline'? Are you fighting God or are you permitting God to work.

In Jesus, our brother, RoG