Tuesday, April 04, 2006

$5 mill

Kevin Michael Cawley who is working on a ThM @ Regent College in Vancouver - so you know he's got to be a good guy, asks the question:
What is the best use of $5mill for your church?

Here's what one church is doing: bells. Now obviously I think Bells are pretty significant - but $5mill! I think someone's priorities are messed up.


Walking Church said...

I would ask the question if 'God asked this of him to do'. If he did in his own righteousness...i would be worried.

You can never have to many building programs - walkingchurch

Scott said...

I think $5 mil would build you a decent ice rink.

Think of the outreach possiblities, but more importantly the opportunity to give our church hockey team more practise time so we can win more games.

pastor mike said...

but by loosing... we get the opportunity to practice humility - which is a goldly virtue!

The Righteousness of God said...

The leafs have this in spades!