Tuesday, April 25, 2006

American Idol

Musehead blogs on Descartes & American Idol Descartes Before Da Horse
“Cogito, ergo sum.”
I think, therefore, I am.

If the inverse of René Descartes famous declaration were true—”I do not think, therefore, I am not”—just think how much less traffic there’d be.

Of course, the ratings for American Idol would plummet too.
Not that that would be a bad thing!


The Righteousness of God said...

I have seen 'Christian Idol' played out on some church stages Sunday mornings!!!

Full of Flesh and Not much of God (LoL)

pastor mike said...

isn't that the purpose of so-called "special music"?
cynic mode :: special music music sung by those who can't sing, who want to sing whatever they want, no matter how disconneted it is with the rest of the worship :: cynic mode
Now, of course, there are times when special music is appropriate and it fits and ministers to God and/or people.

The Righteousness of God said...

I have never found anything special about 'special singing.' Although most I have heard are indeed 'very special' people. I find a pasted smile on my behalf is suitable conduct in these grim situations. I have even been known to shed 'a' tear (mostly one of discomfort) occasionally to convey some degree of gratitude as the end of the special music draws nigh. It is truly at moments like this I do consider it all Joy and it too knows no bounds. It is the 'c'hristian thing to do.

I have always found that whenever I SING it is 'most' special, especially to 'ME'! I rarely would seek a second opinion on this matter. Why ask the question if you really don't want to hear the answer?

I believe the real problem is location. You see singing at home in the shower has the advantage of those wonderful tile acoustics that enhance even the worst of the Canadian Idol wanna be's. It would be a dandy recording studio - in fact I heard most of Larry Norman's and Randy Stonehills music was recorded in the YMCA atheletic locker room complex.

The solution: we could install a shower stall directly above the baptismal tank with a trap-drop floor. "This morning Ms Padoodlemire will bring us specail music entitled 'Showers of Blessings' immediately followed by her full emersion baptism. We are hoping she survives the thirty foot drop". I also think it appropriate to also indicate the appropriate salutation when introducing the special music person: "Here is Ms. Poodlemire and she will bring us 'Showers of Blessings' . . .should HE Tarry!"
Signed StrongBad