Thursday, April 27, 2006

coffee as a means of grace has a great humous piece on coffee as a means of grace by Michael J. Svigel, Th.M.
The time has come for evangelicals to experience yet another great awakening! Though we have long overlooked a crucial means of grace,[Although some may prefer the term “means of sanctification” or “sacrament,” this paper will consistently use the term “means of grace” to indicate those various means that God has given to the Church to affect sanctification. Other more popular means of grace are: baptism, the Lord’s Supper, prayer, the Word of God, and possibly Christian rock concerts and those Left Behind books.] we have done so doctrinally, not practically. This all-but-ignored means of grace is about to have its day (or at least its early morning and late night)! Some could even say a new age is dawning. Surely, the age of the Spirit is about to be given a dramatic boost and the Church is certain to receive a timely wake-up-call as we grow to accept coffee as a means of grace.
Of course, with this blog entitled oncoffee I couldn't resist posting a link. It looks at the OT, the NT, Bach and some other little twists along the way.
Best read over a cup of coffee.
That goes without saying - even though I just said it!

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Brahm said...

lets use coffee and double chocolate chip cookies for Communion.... c'mon, it'll be the new emergent flava :-)