Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Gospel of Judas

The blogosphere and news media are full of stories and posts on what some are calling the most significant archaeological discovery in 60 years — Gospel of Judas. But is it really significant?
Here is a brief listing of what some Christian biblical scholars and others are saying [this will let you read more about the Gospel of Judas than you ever wanted to]:

Scott McKnight
The Gospel of Judas 1
The Gospel of Judas 2
The Gospel of Judas 3
The Gospel of Judas 4

Ben Witherington
The Gospel of Judas —Part One
The Gospel of Judas— Part Two

Claude Mariottini
The Gospel of Judas: No Threat to Christianity

Mark Goodacre
Judas megablog

Christianity Today
a full page of links


The Righteousness of God said...

I preach nothing but Jesus Christ Crucified. (His burial, my burial, His resurrection, my resurrection, His life in me & my life dead and hidden in Him) What else is there. I am a co-hier of Christ and everything He has. I am found perfect and complete in Him. Why bother with a diversion called Judas?

The Righteousness of God said...
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Scott said...

Thanks for all your posts on this Judas thing. It's been a nice form of one stop shopping for those who wanted to know more about it.

Just a question - this whole thing has made me more curious about how our Bible itself was assembled and who chose what books to include or exclude and why. Is there an easy read that explains this stuff, or better yet a movie?