Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Injury update

Here's an update
On Easter Monday, while playing soccer with the extended family (ages 9 to 51), it felt like someone threw a stone and hit me in the middle of the calf. I heard a pop & that was it.

On Tuesday, April 18, the doctor at the hospital, called it a torn calf muscle, and said it would be 3 weeks before I was back running/cycling.

My mobility decreased during the week, to the point, where on Sunday, I could hardly move. I was not preaching that day, but had planned on visiting some friends in London. I didn't make it, I stayed home.

I went to Urgent Care on Monday, April 24. The doctor there called it a "ruptured plantaris muscle." That makes it sound worse! He also referred me to Waterloo Sports Medicine for physio.

I had my assessment today.
Yes it is a rupture or bad tear of the plantaris muscle.
Yes, they will do physio.
I'm now on crutches on have an aircast. [I don't have a digital camera, the picture is off the aircast website - it's my right calf that's injured.]
I start physio tomorrow.
He expects me to be able to do some gentle cycling within 6 weeks.

One of our elders came over today, and anointed me with oil & prayed with me for healing - we're trusting that God will bring healing and full recovery - soon!


The Righteousness of God said...

P*Mike: I love seeing the body of Christ ministering to one another regardless of position. God bless this obedient elder! Amen, to you for your humilty to let another minister to you at this time (after pastors are suppose to do it all, be it all, and are perceived as never needing help, especially in the spiritual realm - L0L).

Speedy recovery, in His Will - I know this will enormously affect your dance card, but then again with a foot like this(as seen it the picture) you may want to use it to be the hero on the point conversions!!! You could drive a football or soccer ball to Montreal or even Quebec City with a little practice!!!

Find a couple of good reads to savour. Blessing Mike - Rogue RoG ~8)

(p.s. I'll resist the temptation to ask if 'club-church' demands people with 'club feet!?! )

Walking Church said...

Sounds like you are in 'Re-Hab'!!!