Tuesday, May 16, 2006

da vinci code anagrams

business innovation insider has a link to anagram geniuses. If you have been following the debate/discussion on the Da Vinci Code book, you know that some find clues about Dan Brown's true intentions: i.e. "So Dark the Con of Man" is really an anagram of "Madonna of the Rocks," but what about "The DaVinci Code"? Is that really an anagram for something far more insidious and controversial? You be the judge:

Here are some that business innovation insider lists:
(1) "The Da Vinci Code" = "Do divine cachet"
(2) "The Da Vinci Code" = "The candid voice"
(3) "The Da Vinci Code" = "Vet. Coincided. Ah!"
(4) "The Da Vinci Code" = "Convicted. Die! Ha!"
(5) "The Da Vinci Code" = "Hectic video, Dan."
(6) "The Da Vinci Code" = "Addictive con, eh?"
(7) "The Da Vinci Code" = "I'd have cited con."
(8) "The Da Vinci Code" = "Naive? Odd... Hectic!"
(9) "The Da Vinci Code" = "Avid! Hectic! Done!"
(10) "The Da Vinci Code" = "An odd vice ethic."
Last but not least:
"The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown" -> "Odd cheat; now binned by vicar."

There are more at anagram geniuses as well as other phrases from the book.


weai9ch09 said...
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nadine said...

My first and last name is really an anagram for:
bland senile
beans end ill
all be sinned
lendable sin

with the middle name, I'm:
I daze hell-bent lesbian

you named me. any intentional coding as you did so?

justg said...

Those are pretty funny.
I used the Internet Anagram Server (which also helped figure out anagrams in the Da Vinci Trailers) to help come up with the ones below (but since I'm not one of the Anagram Geniuses, I leave a letter or two out):

Quazi-Anagrams for "DaVinci Code":