Friday, May 26, 2006


Janice (my wife) grew up on a farm, her brother Keith still farms the home farm. So I couldn't resist when I saw this link to MooTube [Macromedia Flash Player]
The world has long been familiar with the phrase “a birds-eye view”. Well, as a result of this website, the web-browsing public may become intimately familiar with the phrase a “cows-eye view”. Developed as part of the Texas Ranch House television program on PBS, this website offers a first-hand look into how cows view the world. Basically, a number of cows (including Two Night Beauty and Chastity) were outfitted with a series of cameras that allow the viewer a glimpse into their world as they move about during the day. First-time visitors to the site can skip through to some of the Cow Cam Archive, which highlights some memorable bits of activity, as well as browse through the blog created for this rather unique endeavor

Link via The Scout Report

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