Monday, May 29, 2006

Obedient to Our Visions

If we were each obedient to our visions, the cities would have green spaces, birds in their trees, and architecture to quicken awareness of the divine life throbbing in the whole of the world. And the towns? The towns would have galleries to hold the works of their artists; theaters for the performing arts would spring up in their squares; scientists and poets would confer with each other; students would gather for debate and reflection, children would want to continue in life, and church congregations everywhere would be struggling “to make serious use of the wings the creator had given.” Everyone would know what it meant to be the servant of the Most High.
Elizabeth O’Connor, Each of Us Has Something Grand to Do
Link: Inward Outward


The Righteousness of God said...

I personally prefer to be a child (Son) of The Most High!!!

pastor mike said...

That's part of the paradoxical language of the bible: at times we are called servants, at times, friends, at times sons & daughters.
The way I understand what O'Conner is saying here is... open your ears & eyes & hearts to what God is saying & doing & join him in it... [sounds a little like Blackaby in Experiencing God... let God be fully alive in you]

The Righteousness of God said...

Enough of the human flowery prose....

John 8:35
New International Version (NIV)

Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever.

A slave is a servant. I am a child of God who carries about the 'Family' business of Kingdom. A son is more keen than a slave or servant. I choose to be the greater.

nadine said...

Wow. I must be on a completely different wavelength here. I took absolutely no offense to the servant thing. I don't think Elizabeth's denying that we're children of God. That's a given. What I understood this to mean, was that if I really look at the desires God has given me-- the visions he's placed in my heart-- and follow through, I will experience the beauty of really serving God.

Serving God isn't some brutal subservient activity; it's fulfilling. I was created to bring glory to God. And God has placed specific visions and dreams on my heart. I see it as a win-win.

pastor mike said...

I think you've got it right Nadine