Thursday, June 01, 2006

the count down starts

The count down starts to the world cup - it all begins June 9. For you non soccer fans - it's the sport the world plays.

Who is going to win?
I think Brazil has a good chance.


nadine said...

How good is a good chance? My boss is setting up an office pool next week. Condsidering I won the Oscar pool, I have a reputation to defend.

I need to be brilliant. I need inside scoop. Isn't it the rule that the underdog always surprises in soccer?

pastor mike said...

There are more upsets in soccer than in any other major sport... and there will be upsets in the world cup.
Germany as the host country is highly ranked... I expect them to get through the 1st round after that, i don't know.
I think Czech Republic will do well. Argentina is playing well & they are ranked #2 in the world (after Brazil).
If you want a wild card team - Tunisia is is - they should be able to get through the first round... from what I've read they are a better team than people think they are.
I'll stick with Brazil, as long as they play as a team & their top players don't try to do too much.

michael lewis said...

I believe that the sport which the world plays is actually called "football".

pastor mike said...

you are right - but, sadly, a lot of north americans wouldn't know that