Friday, June 23, 2006

how do you see the Kingdom of God

Len Hjamarlson, Scott McKnight, Simon and Hamo - Andrew Hamilton among others, have a link to a quiz on What is the Kingdom of God?

We can probably argue as to whether the questions/statements are good ones or not, but I think the exercise helps us understand the kingdom... even if you disagree with your own results!

You scored as The Kingdom is mystical communion. The Kingdom is mostly mystical communion. You place a strong emphasis on continuity with those who have gone before you in the faith, and you might see the Kingdom of God as primarily a matter of spirituality.

The Kingdom is mystical communion


The Kingdom as a counter-system


Kingdom as a Christianised Society


The Kingdom as Earthly Utopia


The Kingdom as a political state


The Kingdom is a Future Hope


The Kingdom as Institutional Church


Inner spiritual experience


What is the Kingdom of God?
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The Righteousness of God said...

How does one begin to describe what Abba is crafting since it is of His incomprehenisble design?

My synoptic answer: 'The Kingdom of God is where He is'.

A rough scratch on my part would be to say as scripture says it is 'yet' but 'not yet'. It is a process whereby those who were once hostile to their Creator have become a 'redeemed creation' in Christ and are reconciled fully and completely to the Father.

Once having appropriated Jesus Christ we have eternal life (now) and have become a family member of God the most high. We are caught up in a love dance with the Trinity forever. Creator lavishing His Love upon His Creation and the Creation lavishing their love upon Him.

Where He is - that is where I lovingly want to be. That is the Kingdom of God.

The absence of God is Hell - nothingness...the 'anti-Kingdom' so to speak (roaring out loud). RoG

The Righteousness of God said...

I took the quiz - deemed as one who believes 'Kingdom is mystical communion' oh well.

Scott said...

I thought the Kingdom of God was a party? At least that's what Tony Campolo said...

Dazed and confused in WAterloo