Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Jesus the Pastor

I've been reading Scott McKnight's posts on John Frye’s book, Jesus the Pastor. One of the key themes from the book is:
theology, when done right, transcends information, articulation, proposition, and creed. Theology is incomplete until it it becomes worship, obedience, love, holiness — in real life, in real relationships, and in real transformation.
Linking Frye's book with Stephen Shield's blog on “transpropositionality” Scott says
We’ve got to get beyond being right to becoming good, to living the good and to being the truth in community.
If we could live these truths out - not abstractly but in reality - there would be real transformation - and this world would see God's kingdom being lived out.


Sivin Kit said...

every one who wants to "do theology" and "be right" needs this post.

pastor mike said...

you are right on