Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Aaron at Radical Congruency points us to the Tesla Roadster a lithium-ion "caaarr" [you have to pronouce it like the add for Cadilac many years ago - kids playing road hockey, they say "car" every time a car come by, but when the Caddy comes by they say "caaarr"]

From the Tesla site:
* 100% Electric
* 0 to 60 in approx 4 seconds
* 135 mpg equivelent
* 250 miles per charge
* About 1 cent per mile

Now this is an electric car I could get into. It is slightly out of my price range!

Photo: RJ Muna via Wired [there's more photos' there].

Sticker price is $100k US, via the Washington Post.

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