Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jenna did it

6:44 p.m. – JENNA HAS DONE IT!!!!
Jenna came ashore at Lake Ontario Park near Kingston.
She started at 10:27am on Tuesday - finished at 6:44pm on Wednesday - that's over 32 hours of swimming!

I cannot imagine that. I would have no trouble staying awake for 32 hours let alone be working hard all that time. Jenna has cerebral palsy and so was swimming with just her arms to propel her through the occasionally stormy lake.

In a sense this is picture of the family of God.
Jenna didn't do the swim by herself.
She had a "family" of people supporting her
  • helping her train
  • cheering her on
  • providing support
  • giving her nourishment through the long trip
  • being there in the dark & the waves
The family of God when it's being the family of God is doing exactly this... for the weakest members of the family.

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