Wednesday, July 12, 2006

life is short

A good reminder from Maggi Dawn this AM:
A couple of people in my life lately have brought home the realisation that life is short. It needs to be lived, not dribbled away.

It's so easy to get complacent, to waste great chunks of life just drifting along being resentful, tired, overworked, angry, or the wrong kind of lazy... Life needs to be savoured. You don't get it twice. If time is to be wasted, it needs to be wasted properly. If there's stuff to be angry about, do it thoroughly, then get it over with and move on. If you're tired, get some decent rest, good food, rehydrate, and get in shape to live a bit more. Don't waste it. Don't waste it.

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The Righteousness of God said...

so . . . you have signed up for that pottery course?