Tuesday, July 18, 2006

pray for israel

In the light of the events in Israel and in the middle east nanochurch lists these gudelines for prayer for Israel.
  1. Pray for God to deflect Hezbollah missiles away from their targets. This happened in the 1991 Gulf War and it can happen again as we pray.

  2. Pray for the safety of all Israelis targeted by Hezbollah rockets and missiles.

  3. Pray for a revelation of Yeshua as Messiah and atonement to many in Israel right now.

  4. Pray for the protection of the many south Lebanese who are soon to become refugees.

  5. Pray for those Hezbollah fighting against Israel to either be saved or to be totally crushed.

  6. Protection for Israeli soldiers fighting, and especially for those Messianic Jewish believers presently involved in the war.

  7. Pray for God to reveal and counter Syrian and Iranian strategies to the IDF generals, as He did in 2 Kings 6 in Elisha’s day.

  8. Ask the God of Israel to hook you up to His prayer request line – to download to you directly and in real time what needs to be prayed for. This is what Rees Howell experienced during WW II, in a time when there were no TVs, no cell phones and no internet.

  9. and as per my last post: Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

David's tent has some guidelines on how to pray for Israel


John Lunt said...

Thank you for this prayer guide.

BlindBeggar said...

And should we not also remember to pray for the thousands of Palestinian and Lebanese Christians caught in the middle of this mess? A prayer guide for them would also be useful.

pastor mike said...

Blindbegger is right.
There are Israeli, Palestinian & Lebanese believers.
There are many who are "christian" in name only, but there are also many who are truely Christian. We need to pray for our brothers and sisters of all nationalities.