Saturday, August 26, 2006

I didn't think this happened in NA anymore

Maybe I'm more naive than I thought. I thought we were past this in North America. But I guess not.
Dave Lowitzki @ the mindful mission has a summary of the issue as does Stephen Shields @ emergesque

Pastor leaves after church turns away biracial boy:
Twelve-year-old Joe recently asked Jesus to live in his heart.

Yet the church where Joe accepted his Savior not even two weeks before will no longer allow the biracial boy to enter.

On Aug. 6, during its scheduled Sunday night business meeting, Fellowship Baptist Church in Saltillo voted not to accept blacks within the church. More specifically, the congregation also voted Joe out and said he could not return. read that correctly. A church, a place that claims to be a body of people who call themselves Christians, has voted to not allow blacks into their church. They turned away a bi-racial 12 year old boy who wanted to be part of a community of Christians. Why? Because it might bring more black people:

The church was "afraid Joe might come with his people and have blacks in the church," Stevens said.

This is embarassing. Those people who voted out this boy should be embarassed. And that church should be kicked out of the Baptist denomination.

It truly angers me that a church can claim to have accepted the love of Jesus yet refuse to give love to someone because of the color of the skin. Interestingly, their website has this statement:
Church: The church is the body of believers consisting of all nationalities, races, and colors with a common goal to serve Jesus Christ by spreading the gospel, maturing the saints, and caring for the poor, widows, orphans, prisoners, sick, and oppressed.
That evening Fellowship Baptist did not just say goodbye to Joe and an entire race of humans. With that decision the church's pastor, the Rev. John Stevens, resigned, and at least one other family decided not to return to the Baptist Missionary Alliance congregation that averages 30 people.

Good for the pastor. I would hope a lot more would leave. A group like that is not a church.

This is embarassing for the Chuch... but I am not embarassed for this church. I am ticked off.

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