Wednesday, August 16, 2006

last weekend

I caught the Blues Monkeys: the duo of Shawn Kellerman and Jerome Godboo as well as Lyco Zydeco at the Blues Brews Barbeques Festival in Kitchener
Janice and I meet 2 of our kids in Toronto - Nathan had to work - for a little Taste of the Danforth, and then up to the farm for a surprise birthday party for Janice's mom. We didn't make it back home to 1am Saturday
We slept in - I don't remember the last time we "skipped" church - probably back when I was in University. In the afternoon we headed out to the Waterloo Arts Festival, where we found a nice piece of broken stained glass art and then we headed back down to the B3 Festival in Kitchener for some pulled pork, coffee at Williams and some blues: Lil' Dave Thompson and Julian Fauth.


Scott said...

Just curious, was that Bedside Baptist you went to last week or the Church of the holy comforter?

Either way it was likely a good choice. At my church we had to put up with some long haired guy was preaching out of a book called blue like Jazz. So much for the Bible - I guess it's not cool or relevant anymore.

short haired flip flop free Scott said...

Forgot to mention, not only was this a long haired pony tailed guy, but he was wearing flip flops! Maybe its time to bring back the pulpit and cover up some of these iniquities. said...

JUDGING from your comments Scott, it sounds like you got a lot out of the message...

Just curious: did you see that long-haired, pony-tailed, sandal clad guy? Or did you only make it as far as the his good looks and fine taste in apparel?

Maybe it's time to review those sermon notes and focus some devotional energy on Luke 7:44. Do those first few words, from another sandaled preacher, sound familiar, Scott?

Scott said...

How Christ like of you to come out swinging like that.

Anyway it is a good thing I attended the service last week as now I realize that although that might not have been the way I would have responded that's still OK.

Afterall whatever you feel is good for you is OK with me, cause after all its all relative and I shoudn't pass judgement.

P.s. Who needs the bible when you've got Blue like Jazz?

michael lewis said...

Mr. Bells:

It's nice to see a post like this; it makes you seem like a real person who does stuff. Not just some stuffy pastor who reads. A lot.

And I recall a were on vacation (and likely on coffee), and your family was in Uxbridge, and it was just me in your basement.

Well, on Sunday we went to TWO church services in London.

I think that taking a day off once in 38 years in just fine.

As for the other two commentators.... I don't even go to church! So I'm not able to crititque some pomo's choice of prose outside of scripture to bring a life lesson.

But seriously, I don't take anyone serious who isn't wearing a tie.