Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Place to Stand

boingboing has this link to these vintage Ontario tourist materials, including the video for the "Ontar-ari-ari-o!" song. I remember first seeing & hearing this classic at Expo 67 - Je suis ne à Montréal
Give us a place to stand
And a place to grow
And call this land Ontario
A place to live.
For you and me
With hopes as high
As the tallest tree
Give us a land of lakes
and a land of snow
And we will build Ontario
A place to stand, a place to grow
Ontari-ari-ari-o !

Maybe we got tired of it... after many years... after too many car trip... but it was a great piece of advertizing


Anonymous said...

That link says it was a 35mm film, but it was actually a 70mm (65mm negative) film, which makes it more special.

Kent Bulza, Los Angeles CA

pastor mike said...

how did you know that interesting bit of trivia... did you work on the project?