Monday, August 28, 2006

Questions Rarely Asked

Fred Peatross @ Abductive Columns asks some questions
  1. Why does the body of Christ follow rather than lead in social reform—and then dishonestly claim leadership in reforms after the fact?

  2. I have always wondered why the nature and practice of baptism and the Lord's Supper is left ambiguous in Scripture, yet stubbornly “cacophonous churches” are ever reluctant to practice open fellowship.

  3. Why do we continue to ignore, make ineffective, and even usurp, the scriptural teaching of the priesthood of all believers—when we know better?

  4. Why do so many Christ-followers pilgrimage through life without ever considering the veracity of unbelief; never giving it a fair hearing or allowing it to challenge their faith?

  5. Why does the church speak of absolute values without every pointing to the scriptural examples of situation ethics?

  6. Why do some faith communities object to wine drinking in moderation when Scripture indicates that wine is a gift from God (Psalm 104:14-15)? For decades the modern church has objected even with the knowledge and example of Jesus turning water into wine? Is this anything more than a holdover from prohibition?

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michael lewis said...

Why is it that I cannot find a church to which I can put a big C on the spelling? One that actually is more like a Church which Jesus intended?

Instead, I find hollow, superficial, structures, filled with empty people as empty as the structure from Monday through Saturday.

My greatest lament is not that I'm a sinner, but rather that I have not been able to find kindred spirits in the community around me. In fact, I find no community under wherever the banner of the church is flown.